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TrekPLANNER - plan trial by turistic map
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Last added places
Ellmauer Halt
Category: Peaks
Posted By: Monika F.
Created: 18.10.2016
Lodospad Treningowy (Trenažér) WI 2-3 / I
Category: Climbing places
Posted By: Emilia G.
Created: 14.10.2016
Ciężki Lodospad
Category: Climbing places
Posted By: Monika F.
Created: 14.10.2016
Kopa Spadowa
Category: Climbing places
Posted By: Monika F.
Created: 12.10.2016
Kopa Spadowa
Category: Peaks
Posted By: Monika F.
Created: 10.10.2016
Górków Wierch
Category: Peaks
Posted By: Robert Skóra
Created: 08.10.2016
Category: Peaks
Posted By: Emilia G.
Created: 02.10.2016
Vysoka Magura
Category: Peaks
Posted By: Kondziu J.
Created: 25.09.2016

1. Mountain Turistic Map get you more than normal paper map. Interaction is the most important thing.


2. Mapy Sygnatura is an layer which cover nearly all area of polish Karpaty Mountains.


3. Mapy WIG cover most of ukrainian Karpat Mountains.


4. Layer Szlaki (Trials ) give you oportunity to creating your trip in mountains, clik on trial an check option "Dodaj do trasy" to plan your trip.




5. Trials layer nowadays is only for Tatras area, but it will be updating for rest of polish mountains.


6. By layer Szczyty (Peaks) we can check peaks as conquered and creat our map of conqered peaks. And also get more statistics in our TrekNOTES.


7. Conqered peaks will shows on map with different icons. Also we get new statistics for conqered peaks at TrekNOTES page.




8. Pogoda is layer who get you quick access to weather channel on google maps. Clik weather ikon to get more info. Get less zoom to se clouds over earth.




9. Do you want to see map in fullscreen mode? Push button in right bottom corner on map.!!!


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